The temple is governed by a registered body viz. Attukal Bhagavathy Temple Trust. Ever since the trust commenced its administration, there has been considerable improvement and development in the temple. The renovation of the temple, improvement of the roads leading to the temple, expansion of areas for Ponkala, provision of facilities for the devotees to worship in the temple etc. have all been undertaken by the Trust. The newly constructed Gopuram ornamental gate in front of the temple and the southern Gopuram are richly decorated with visuals depicting the might acts of the Gods and Goddesses. A portion of the gold received as offering from the devotees has been utilised for making 'anki' to adorn the Deity. The Trust has also constructed a temple to perpetuate the memory of Chattambi Swamikal a great saint of modern Kerala and daily offerings poojas, prayers, bhajana etc. are held to his glory. 

In addition to the effective administration of the Temple, many other public utility services are also undertaken by the Trust. The construction of the auditorium, North and south Gopurams, rooms to accommodate devotees, Thidappally and Dhyanamandapam, purchase of land for the expansion of temple premises, all come under the activities of the Trust. Several welfare activities for the benefit of the devotees have been initiated. A medical centre and an engineering unit are presently being run by the Trust. A hospital building is under construction. For the convenience of devotees, two luxury coaches and an ambulance have been provided. With the construction of a second auditorium for performing marriages, the facilities for the devotees have further increased. Gold lockets with the image of Attukal Bhagavathy have been made available for sale. There is also a publication wing under the Trust to collect, develop and bring out religious literature. 

A religious and spiritual magazine entitled "Amba Prasadam" has been started from October 1999 and it is being widely received by the devotees and the public at large. The cost of the publication is Rs. 10 /- per copy and annual subscription is Rs. 100 /- inclusive of postage in India. For overseas subscribers, the annual rate of subscription for sending it by Air Mail is Rs.500 /-. The subscription may be sent by demand dmft drawn in favour of "The Secretary, Attukal Bhagavathy Temple Trust" payable at any bank having its branch office in Thiruvananthapuram. 

The all powerful and benign Attukal Bhagavathy reigns eternally Supreme and nurses her devotees., as a mother does her children. No wonder that thousands of devotees from far and near flock to the temple to bend before the Goddess with awe and reverence and to prostrate to redress their affliction and agony.

Telephone, Internet, E-mail & Fax services are made available at the Trust Office

Phone (Temple): +91-471-2456456, Office: 2463130
Telefax: +91-471-2456457